Block of the Month

Instead of doing a regular Block of the Month, this year we are going to try something new. Welcome to the Clue of the Month, where at the end of the year you will have completed a quilt top and have had a ton of fun all along the way!

  • Clues are easy enough for beginners
  • Clues can be e-mailed for snowbirds and travelers
  • Ability to tailor to your preferred color scheme, if desired
  • A stunning result that looks more intricate than in actuality
  • A manageable size, finishing at 66” squareCost for the year will be $5 which includes the pattern and monthly clues emailed to you. For those who need hardcopy printouts rather than email, the cost will be $15 instead of $5, to cover cost of printing. More detailed information will be announced at our May 24 Seaside Piecemakers Guild meeting, where you will also be able to sign-up during the meeting. See you there!

    -Suzy Prickett